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Hello, I’m Azuma running this website. I made this website for those studying Japanese. I’m happy if it helps you.

By the way, do you feel anxious when you talk with Japanese people?

・Do I have a rude way of speaking?
・Is my grammar and vocabulary appropriate?
・Do I speak fluently like Japanese people?

Japanese is a language in which you need to choose between plain style, polite style and honorific words. An appropriate way of speaking is different depending on the situation and the person you’re talking to, such as boss, friend, first-time person, business place and so on. Also, there are many manners to be careful about. Even if your Japanese is rude, many Japanese will not point it out directly. Therefore, this may be a problem in making relationships with Japanese people in your business or life in Japan.

Why don’t you make your life easier and stress-free by taking this lesson? I worked for 5 years as a salesman in a Japanese company that required strict business manners. After that, I have taught Japanese for over 4,000 hours in 5 years.

So, I can suggest lessons not only to learn proper Japanese, but also for the appropriate kind of Japanese lessons you need depending on the situation.

If you don’t feel anxious anymore and gain confidence in your Japanese skills, you will be able to communicate more positively with Japanese people. Let’s change your life in Japan and make it more comfortable!








このレッスンでその不安を解消しませんか? 私は日本の会社で、厳しいビジネスマナーが求められる営業として5年働き、その後、日本語教師として、5年間で4,000時間以上の授業を経験しました。ですから、正しい日本語だけでなく、状況に合ったコミュニケーションができるようになるためのレッスンをご提案できます。




【Student’s voice 受講生の声】

Ms. Dorra Turki (Tunisia)

Mr. Azuma is very serious, organized and has the ability to make the lessons pleasant for his students. He always arrives early, and don’t leave the class until I fully understand the lesson. This is how serious and implied he is with his student progress. He tested my abilities and made customized courses adapted to my level. In a very short time, my Japanese really improved.

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In only a month I was already able to talk with native speakers about difficult subjects.

I had to write monthly reports in Japanese for my company, so he read them, corrected them while explaining to me the grammatical issues and teaching me a new vocabulary that is important to write my business reports. That way I was able to learn things that I really needed for my work.

His lessons are very easy to understand, and his patience is amazing. He teaches me in a way I could improve my every day’s Japanese and my business Japanese at the same time, which is amazing regarding the fact that we had only two hours per week.

My boss is very happy with my progress, as my reports got better and my business Japanese improved too. My company decided to hire Mr. Azuma again for his teaching skills.

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Mr. Unique Song (China)

I started my Japanese studying with Azuma-san with very little knowledge, and after about three months of private lessons I was able to hold simple conversations in Japanese, talking about daily lives and other topics learned in class.  My friends as well as colleagues were quite impressed with the progress and I was also happy with the progress made.

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Azuma-san was always well prepared before the lesson, and during lesson. He teaches via hundreds of self made PPTs to illustrate vocabulary, grammar and various examples, as well as self summarized PPT and examples to explain difficult grammar points such as the difference between “は” and “が”.  In my 2 hours lesson each time, we usually spend about 30 to 45 minutes for free talk, and the rest for grammar and text book.  In fact I started with two private tutors and ended up with Azuma-san alone.  He was always on time, polite, and flexible in terms of arrangements.  I am very satisfied with Azuma-san’s professionalism.

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【Lesson style レッスンスタイル】

Private lessons プライベートレッスン

 You can study at a place and time that are convenient for you.


✔ You can customize your lessons to suit your needs.


✔ I will give you advices not only during our lesson sessions but, I will also be available at any time any other day.


✔ I will also give you some homework to do at home so you can practice on your own.










Course content 内容・レベル

All levels from beginner to advanced

Everyday conversation, business, preparation for JLPT etc




Place 場所

Around Tokyo You can choose the place of the lesson. (ex. cafe, company office, your home etc.) If you have no idea I can suggest some places (ex. cafe, rental space). You can also take Skype lessons.

東京周辺 皆さんがレッスンの場所を選ぶことができます。(例:カフェ、会社の事務所、ご自宅など) 場所を探すのが難しい場合はカフェやレンタルスペースなどをこちらで探すこともできます。 スカイプレッスンも可能です。


Time 時間

You can choose your convenient time (Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm).



Tuition fee 授業料

*The expiration date is three months from the first lesson.


*The transportation fee from near Ikebukuro will be charged.






Flow to lesson start レッスン開始までの流れ


Consultation before lesson for free 無料相談

You can consult about the content of the lesson for free once before applying. We meet (or on Skype) and listen to what kind of study is necessary for you and suggest a method of study. Of course, you can decide whether to apply for the lesson after the consultation.





Group lessons at Ikebukuro 池袋でグループレッスン

If there are three or more people with the same Japanese level and same schedule, the new class will be held.



✔ You can study in classes that match your level.


✔ You can study with students from various countries.


✔ It is cheaper than a private lesson.



Classes accepting applications 学生募集中のクラス

①Beginner Japanese class (Minna no Nihongo Elementary Japanese 1, Lesson 9 ~)

 Every Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Now 2 people are applying, 1 more person to start


②Intermediate Japanese class (for business and daily life)

   Every Saturday 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm 3 students are studying now









Course content 内容・レベル

Elementary class:You study basic Japanese grammar with textbook. Also practice conversation about daily topics.

Intermediate class:You study intermediate level grammar with textbook. Also practice conversation about general topics.

Advanced class:You practice conversation about various topics in news and newspapers. Also learn words used in business places.

* If students want classes such as JLPT preparation, business Japanese, a new class can be opened.






Place 場所

Ikebukuro the rental classroom near Ikebukuro station

池袋 池袋近辺の貸し教室で行います。


Time 時間

Each week, a lesson is held at a fixed time.



Tuition fee 授業料










*I may ask students to purchase textbooks for use in lessons.


Flow to lesson start レッスン開始までの流れ


Trial lesson for free 無料体験レッスン

Only those who participate for the first time can take a trial lesson for free and can join the class from the middle. If you are interested, please join the trial lesson first.

*If you want to continue with the next class, you need to join from the beginning.





【Contact form お問い合わせ】

If you are interested in my lessons,please fill the contact form down bellow! (Please write in Japanese or English.)



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